Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Flying solo

I dream a lot. During when I'm awake and also when I'm asleep. When I'm awake, dreaming is it's equivalent to rambling, but I still control what I dream about. Whereas I have absolutely no control over what I dream of when I'm asleep. I have written about my dreams before. But last night out of the blue I dreamt of taking flying lessons for my private pilot's license. And I didn't see me actually flying a plane, just the awareness that I was taking flying lessons!
Strange right? Where did that come from? 
Well recently, my mom told me that she hopes some day I, her daughter - get to take flying lessons and get to fly a plane.
And that was exactly what I was planning to do in my dream. Now, I really want to get a private pilot's license. Yes, it must be expensive and we're not even talking about owning a small plane, but some day in the not so distant future... I must.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Women's issues.

A currently unemployed friend said she got an offer on linkedin from a company based in Saudi Arabia. Another friend adviced that she shouldn't take it. 'It's a very bad situation for women over there.' She said.
Which got me thinking as to why and how women still lived in Saudi Arabia?

But then I wondered if women in US and Europe thought the same about us here in India?

Monday, July 31, 2017

Ten years younger.

Playing sports with someone ten years younger than you is not that big a deal. It's not. One can match their game and stamina, and even their speed and all your extra experience comes in handy.
But it's only after the game that you start seeing the difference between the two of you. Yes, one might be in good shape and all that, but it's easy to see how fast these youngsters recover.
I'm not just finding this out today, though. Few years ago I used to regularly go for a yoga class for kids. The kind of kids who can't even stand still for ten seconds. Yes I did all that yoga with them and felt great! But while I hopped onto my cycle to go back home and eat something after the class, these kids just hopped on their cycles to go to the playground to play till their parents dragged them back home with the kids often kicking and screaming. Maybe I could too, but it would just not be the same.
This was quite apparent during my MMA lessons too. But obviously these kids had been training much before I started (hey, it's a valid excuse.) They have this energy, vigour and aggression I remember having in my late teens till much after my mid twenties as well. Unfortunately, I was much older than most of them and had lost my aggressive streak and got nicely beaten up during most of my sparring sessions.
I played badminton for an hour with a girl ten years younger than me today. And although I matched her game and speed, I was reminded of this very feeling.

Saturday, July 22, 2017


As I got into the car to drive back home last evening, I saw a white Audi A3 parked parallel to it. Fortunately no one had parked in front of my car so I was able to steer off without having to look for the owner of the A3 and make him move his car. (writing this, realisation strikes me that Audi named a car after a paper size. Heh heh heh)
So today morning I saw an open parking spot which was right in front of the same white Audi A3. As I was preparing to park at the same spot a bizarre thought crept into my mind. If I was an absent minded driver and was parking my car in front and reversing it into place, I could easily bump into the front of the A3. As it happens, I am no absent minded driver and take pride in my above average parking skills.
Even laughed in my mind at that absurd little scenario. But as I was reversing the car into place laughing at my silly imagination, the very thing I was mocking happened- I, the alert driver who takes pride in her above average parking skills lost track of my judgement and ever so lightly bumped my car into the front of the Audi A3.

Friday, July 21, 2017


An electrician who works with us called me today. We had sent him to get some LED profile lights for a project. He called me saying 'Usme chowk dikh raha hai'
I was stumped. I kept saying 'ah dekhna padega' etc trying to make sense of what he meant. Was he at the wrong place and looking at the Chowk where the shop was located? Was he talking about a box fitting? What exactly did he mean Chowk, and why would an electrician call me up about a city Chowk?!
What he actually meant that the CHOKE of the profile light was seen.
You see, I'd never heard him talk about chokes till date. He had always written it in our bills/estimated, but I never knew what he called them. I wonder what the electrician must be thinking. 'Kya architect hai... Itna bhi samajh nahi aata...'
It took me thirty seconds to realise what he meant. thirty seconds of stalling in a phone call is an excruciatingly long time!

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

I fell asleep listening to music again...

And that got me thinking... I've never been able to describe my perfect man, but I think I finally have it:
 Kinda brilliant, right?

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Walkie TAAQies

Like so many of my thoughts, this one started with me listening to some music.
In this case, the trigger was TAAQ. 

I had the urge to listen to this Bangalore based Alt rock band's music this afternoon and I didn't have any of their albums on my computer, so I logged on to their website to stream their music. It had been a while since I did and reading through their updated content I realised they have a strong connection to Bangalore and their identity and music strongly revolves around the city. However, I'd not heard of them pre 2008 and never had any Bangalore connection except a few friends who lived there and only visited them once. I had a limited connection to the indi rock music scene in India till then. I was more of a mainstream music person.
Then in 2008, I met Praveen. The quintessential Bangalore boy. Software, bikes, music and guitar. Needless to say, we were fond of each other... for a while. And then a year later we weren't. Eventually when the smoke of a burnt relationship clears and the dust settles, one doesn't remember the person but the charred impression of the value they added to your life. Undoubtedly, music was the most important part of his contribution to mine. He introduced me to the indi rock music scene. To blues rock, indi and mainstream. To places where all the shows took place before high spirits and blue frog, many of which closed down not too much after that. To bands like Soulmate and TAAQ and so many of their live performances. 
On my part, I introduced him to musicians, bands and music I knew, and together we were this repository of rich, curiously amazing music which has the ultimate power to warm up my cold heart in many a dark winter evenings. Too poetic? I'm not waxing eloquent, it really does.
No, I don't miss him. But I miss the company of someone who can add such kind of a dimension to my life.
And as I listen to 'this is it' by Thermal and a quarter (because apparently they are three mallus and a one who is quarter mallu) I remembered a conversation Praveen, a friends of his called Arindam and I had while we were driving to a very strange local folk-blues-country band gig at Stone water grill. I remember it so vividly because I drew it.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

I'm a feminist... But who's asking?

Yes, it depends on who's asking.

So I am your average feminist. One who champions for the cause of equality for all genders without forgetting that men and women are inherently different. Which doesn't mean that both genders can't do the same things, it just means we do the same thing in different ways. Sometimes, it's not just about genders. It depends on a person's temperament.

So I am not your average feminist. One who champions for the cause of equality for all genders without forgetting that men and women are inherently different. Which doesn't mean that both genders can't do the same things, it just means we do the same thing in different ways. Sometimes, it's not just about genders. It depends on a person's temperament.

So it all comes down to the so called 'gender roles.' One is expected to behave in certain ways because it's expected of their genders. We are conditioned. 'It's not lady like'
'Don't cry, sissy.'
Women are never denied expressing emotions since their childhood because they are expected to.
Men are supposed to be tough! (They will never know how good a solid session of crying feels. Just relieves the stress and tension)
Now we all know where this attitude has come from and hopefully, how we can change it.
But do we?
Nah, we just talk.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Inheritance (Or How I started listening to Pearl Jam.)

This was 1998. We were in Delhi. The internet had not yet exploded and we were still learning basic and C (Imagine that!) I could count on my fingers the number of people I knew who owned computers. So our music tastes were greatly dictated by MTv and Channel V. But the Indian Mtv  mostly played pop songs and some mainstream rock (Which were great, btw. I was into it) and fewer alternate stuff.

But I realised a little later that 90s Alt rock is my real comfort food. started exploring different genres of music in 2001 and by 2005, my music palette had expanded greatly.

My father was a big fan of Pink Floyd, the Police, 70s and 80s disco, Kraftwerk and Paul Anka Among others. My mother was fond of Abba, Boney M and the likes. I had my own preferences in music and our cassette collection had a unique blend of all types of music including hindi film music, Hindi non filmy and Indi-pop. Not to forget a giant collection of mixtapes (Mostly mine)
Somewhere among them were albums my father bought going by the current trends. Apache Indian was one of those and even though I was nine years old that time, I still love songs from his 1993 album - No Reservations.   
Coming back to Mid 1998. We were in Delhi. My father wanted to buy a Pink Floyd album for some reason. I'm assuming he lost or broke his old tape of the same. So one Saturday evening the two of us went to a family owned shop around the corner where their youngest son had set up a small music section. My father asked him for one particular Pink Floyd album. He started a conversation with him about music while I was browsing at the latest pop album collections. That fellow was telling him about this new band my father would like since he was into Pink Floyd. He convinced my him into giving it a listen and he must have listened to it once and placed the cassette back in our ever increasing collection somewhere next to Apache Indian.
Four years later, I started college and started playing the guitar which exposed me to more genres of music. That same year I realised that the kind of music Nirvana played was called Grunge and that there existed another great grunge band called Pearl Jam.

Pearl Jam.
This unlocked a memory in my mind. I knew I had heard of them. I had even heard their music before. It was the same band whose album my father had bought along with a Pink Floyd album back in 1998! I went home and looked through our cassette collection, and there it was: Pearl Jam's Yield.
Suddenly, I appreciated their music. More importantly, I understood their music. I listened to all their other albums- Ten, Vs., Vitology, No code and Binaural including the recently released Riot act. I've listened to all their music released subsequently. To Eddie Vedder's solo music, their live albums and side projects. I was hooked.
Pearl Jam is to me what Pink Floyd is to my father and Abba to my mother. Even thought I listen to Foo fighters more often, Pearl Jam are still one of my favourite band!
And to this day, Yield - that 1998 album that my father bought eighteen years ago is still my favourite Pearl Jam album of all times.

On a related note: two years ago, I was listening to Apache Indian in the office one afternoon when our then intern Rajalakshmi suddenly asked me who the singer was. I asked her if she had never heard of Apache Indian before and she said she hadn't!

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

I miss him

Found an old photo of my father.
I miss him. Terribly.